Enjoy the published works of Martha Oliver-Smith — an author, literature and writing teacher who lives in northern Vermont. 


Martha's Mandala: Figures in a Family Circle

Martha Stringham Bacon’s struggle to express herself as an artist in the first half of the 20th century led to madness. Personally connected with Dr. Carl Jung whose theories of the human psyche she adhered to, “Patty” Bacon emerged from her ordeal by painting mandalas. In her memoir Martha’s Mandala, Martha Oliver-Smith remembers, imagines and reflects on the life and art of her grandmother with whom she spent most of her childhood and on her grandfather, poet Leonard Bacon. Oliver-Smith examines the voices and expectations in her own life grown out of a unique and fertile spiritual heritage.

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Saint Jerry - An Essay on J.D. Salinger

Martha Oliver-Smith, author of Martha's Mandala (SD, 2015), a memoir that explores her own grandmother's relationship with C.G. Jung in the 1930s, here reflects on her encounter with J.D. Salinger in the late 60s. Ms. Oliver-Smith includes a portrait of her own profession, teaching, and in particular the attitude engendered by Catcher in the Rye. Both events are filtered through the lens of her interaction with the author of that classic American novel.

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